When did I realise I was old?

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“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris


A delicious raspberry tart


In response to Ronni’s post, When Did You First Realize You Were Old?, I have to be honest.

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  1. The raspberry tart on the photo is not the one that I salvaged from my fall. It’s one I ate when in Bénerville. As you see, I am pretty fond of raspberry tarts 😉

11 thoughts on “When did I realise I was old?

  1. Claude.. You certainly have a “young voice” You could easily pass for 45 or so.
    I enjoyed hearing about the pie and the fall and the nice young men who helped you.
    I am glad you are OK.

  2. I can certainly concur with your view of aging. I can also concur with your taste for raspberries, plus I am addicted, also, to strawberries. They certainly look delicious in your photo!

    You would be well-advised to stay on your feet in the future. 😉
    Glad you are no worse for the fall.

    I enjoy your English commentary. Have you discontinued recording in French your daily post? ;-( Or, have I just overlooked the link? Have been touting your blog to my digital camera class, French classes.

  3. Claude, I love these audio “treats” you give us. I’m glad you weren’t hurt by that fall. I feel the same way you do about feeling old. I never feel my age….unless I’m feeling achy or in pain. Then, I blame getting older for all my woes. I guess we have to blame something, right? Nice post.

  4. Claude – I just love listening to you..it’s more intense than reading it. I know EXACTLY what you mean by feeling old when you fell. I had a nasty fall earlier this year and for the first time in my life I broke something. It made me feel instantaneously old where a moment before I was laughing and talking and young in my mind!

  5. The bruises will heal, but a good raspberry tart will not! Glad you still have your priorities! Raspberries are still good at this time of year.

    When I look in the mirror, I still see me as I have always looked. When I see a photograph of me however, I am startled at the dramatic ageing that is taking place. Denial works so powerfully in me, that when I look in the mirror, I still see me at 25. I hope that never changes!

  6. Last year I had surgery and it has taken me over a year and I’m still not as healthy as I was before I got sick. I’m much better, but the days still happen where I am glad for canned chili so I don’t have to cook. I’m not walking far and I used to walk all the time. I’m not sleeping well, and I used to sleep like a baby. And, the old feeling part, I begin to wonder if I will ever get myself back to where I was or if I’m so old I won’t be able to. I’ve never had this reaction before. I’ve never had one problem after another for so long before.

  7. I feel exactly as you do Claude. And one day sooner or later I am sure I will fall just as you did and will find myself terribly embarrassed by it all. Especially when some kind souls come to my rescue. Because it won’t be an old man falling. No….it will be the young man trapped in the old man’s body who has fallen. I, like you, still think there is quite a young person trapped in this aging body. I think that I would like to continue thinking that – until I can think no longer. I am not ashamed of my age and it is not vanity by any stretch of the mind. I just usually don’t feel or think at all like the old man I suppose I have become. 🙂

  8. Exactly! I am me. Once in awhile something reminds me of my aging but if I’m engaged
    in something of interest…then I’m involved, alive and “me”.
    I’m pleased to hear your voice. What a wonderful thing this blogging is!
    Although what you can do most people can’t or are not ready yet. I fall into
    the first category.

  9. Not a thing speaks about you as an old woman, dear Claude, exept what you say yourself with your beautiful words. One more time you make me feel good and warm hearted, I share your feelings with you about age. Your voice is young and I believe the voice is the most representative part of a person. As far as we wake up every day with the intention of biting in the new day, we aren’t old. This is depression that makes us ugly, not old bodies. Of course the bodies remind us reality, but this desire to be in bond with the world is timeless. Our inner child keeps our mind and spirit from old age and provides a well of creativity. Not caring of this wonderful kid would destroy us. Love.

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