Visiting Yorkminster


Visiting Yorkminster, a slideshow of photos taken in York in August 2006. Trying my hand at a slideshow again, but this time with recording my voice instead of music.
Please bear with me as I am only experimenting!

Download File

More photos of York here
Just for the record, I took the photos with my usual camera, created the slideshow with iPhoto after recording my voice with Audacity, then exported the slideshow as a Quicktime movie, and finally uploaded it to Hipcast, which does what’s necessary to compress it so that it’s viewable.


6 thoughts on “Visiting Yorkminster

  1. I REALLY enjoyed this Claude. The slide show is awesome and you say at the end you are recording your voice instead of music and my first thought on hearing this is your voice is like music! I enjoy hearing you speak and this has been a fun experiment. It’s prompted me to get a card reader (I hope the right one this time) so I too can play with videos….maybe this weekend. First you get me started taking photos and now videos…..

    Were you really up at 4am posting this?

  2. Darling Claude. Your voice is indeed like music. You inspire me. When Jack gets home from China I’m going to insis he make me a video. Starring me of course! You should do a synthesis of photos, voice and music for us. I’ll be waiting for that. Have a wonderful weekend and let me send New Years wishes to you, Julie and Mounir…the sweetest, most growthful year to all of us!
    Lovingly, lucyd

  3. Claude

    I don’t know if you are familiar with the expression, “you are something else” in Paris but if you are not, it means, you are terrific and a special person!!

    That was so great, Steve would be proud of you!!

    I’m going to tell him to take a look.

  4. you did it, claude! here’s my vote of “excellent” along with the
    other commenters. your ability to merge the image and a bit of history
    increases the pleasure for this viewer. now lucy urges you on to another
    step. we’re all watching for whatever creative leap you take next.

    could you do some of this on your trip to the u.s.? so many possibilites
    you bring to us. -naomi

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