Autumn rhyme

Blogging in Paris


Fall into AutumnDead leaves at Jardin du Luxembourg


In autumn when the trees are brown
The little leaves come tumbling down
They do not make the slightest sound
But lie so quietly on the ground
Until the wind comes puffing by
And blows them off towards the sky.

  1. I can’t remember where I found this rhyme I used to teach, and googling the beginning doesn’t yield any author.
  2. I took the photo yesterday at Jardin du Luxembourg.


7 thoughts on “Autumn rhyme

  1. Claude, I am not a blogger and I do not engage in Internet blogs, but………..once upon a time, in a way I do not recall, I “found” your website and have “returned” to France (and England) through your camera’s eye and your commentary. Thank you for the joy, the rich moments, the lovely p[hotos, the endearing comments and the dedicated work you do to bring such loveliness into the world. I do appreciate it so very much. Noel (not for publication)

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