Let the music play!

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“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris
Street performers


This is just to let you know about two singing bloggers.
One is AlanG at Some Final Thoughts singing My All-Time Favorite Memory. It’s really easy to download as a MP3 and I added it to my iTunes playlist.
The other singing blogger is Roger, at There’s Always Something. You can hear and see Roger singing Tony Bennett’s Because of you, and Let me Sing for You
I’d love to hear more bloggers do that, wouldn’t you?
If you know of more singing bloggers, please let me know and I’ll add them to these two gentlemen.

  1. I took this photo back in December 2004 on one of Paris bridges, with my first digital camera. It was pretty cold and these guys just mad you feel warm. They were called the Wedding Band, which I thought was a nice name for a band.

7 thoughts on “Let the music play!

  1. Whenever I see a photo like this I always wish that I had learned to play
    an instrument when young and then I could hang out with others and have fun
    making music. And thank you for alerting us to Roger singing (only listened to
    him so far). What an absolute treat! Wish he did that daily. How do you manage
    to do all that you do? And keep up with what so many others are doing?
    Thank you for the effort.

  2. Loved this photo — can almost hear them playing — wait a minute — I can hear them! Oh, that’s the music I’m playing on my computer. Well, I can pretend can’t I?

  3. I’m playing catch-up on reading blogs. I had already
    heard Alan and thanks for the tip on Roger. Very nice.
    We do need more singing bloggers…however, I’m afraid
    I can’t carry a tune…just love to listen…so count
    me out.

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