Trying to be the perfect tourist


Where shall I go?So much to see!

Today was a glorious day! I couldn’t believe the weather. This morning, I went to Liberty Island (didn’t go up the statue, as I hadn’t booked ahead of time, just went round the island) and to Ellis Island. The last time I came to NYC, Ellis Island museum didn’t exist. I found it quite interesting and moving. I went through the different exhibits and watched a short movie very well presented, quite moving too.
After a quick lunch, I got back to Battery Park and walked around for a while.
Then, as programmed I tried to get to Greenwood cemetery. I followed the instructions given by a very helpful lady, but got mistaken between uptown and downtown or is it midtown? Anyway, I found myself on Broadway, which wasn’t what I had in mind originally. Didn’t I tell you I had no sense of direction?
Went back to the right subway stop, but that took forever, the cemetery closes at four o’clock and I got there at quarter past three.
I am definitely going back tomorrow morning, weather permitting.
I got back to my room and rested some (the life of a tourist is soooo tiring), then decided that I should go to Times Square to take a few pics. I am not crazy about going out on my own at night, but thought that this was something I should do, being a big girl now 😉
So I did and guess what, when I got there, I got my camera out and realised I had forgotten the memory card at the hotel.
A Freudian lapse? Maybe.
I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that the weather will be as clement tomorrow as it was today.


5 thoughts on “Trying to be the perfect tourist

  1. Wow, you’re actually here on this side of the ocean! Hope you have more of a great time and wishing you wonderful weather to see it all!

  2. Sounds like you’re having a great time, Claude! But you’re braver than I am….out there alone at night in Manhattan? Hmmm…nope, don’t think I’d do that.
    Now Paris….that would be another story. I always felt safe there.

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