Never forget your camera memory card


Times Square
Times Square

Some people who will know who they are, wondered if I would go back to Times Square this evening. Well, guess what! I did. And this time, I had my camera with its memory card in.
I had a very tiring day at Brookly Greenwood Cemetery, a huge hilly place. Going up and down for almost three hours photographing angels, got to me! When I got back to my hotel around 3 o’clock, I was so tired that I took a looong nap. I didn’t feel like going out again, but what can you do? One day you admit to forgetting to take your memory card, the next day you have to go back there 😉
And before I got there, I went to Washington Square and Union Square.


7 thoughts on “Never forget your camera memory card

  1. Washington Square Park – until I left New York City four months ago – was MY park – four blocks from my apartment. Even when I didn’t need to, I walked through the park on my way to wherever I was going.

    In the summer, people perform in every corner. In winter, it’s less populated, but parents still bundle up their children to use the playground. And all year ’round, there is the dog run – a terrific place to watch how doggie culture works.

    Did you know that Washington Square is built on a very old potter’s field graveyeard? And at the northwest corner is a “hanging tree” where executions were once held.

    In the 1960s, the park was almost lost to the neighborhood when city planners wanted to extend Fifth Avenue through the middle of the park. Protesters eventually prevailed and the park remains intact.

    Beautiful time of day – twilight – that you shot these photos. They are lovely.

  2. ronni, wasn’t it jane jacobs who prevailed to save washington square
    park and the west village? and the she, like you, left us. our loss.
    now park dept. wants to “redesign” the park–move the fountain!
    there’s a group opposing this but it’s harder now than 1960s.

  3. Great photo of Times Square….such vibrant colors.
    That’s always been a “colorful” place…in more ways than one.
    Keep having fun but don’t wear yourself out!

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