No water in the morning


Near Washington Square
Not far from Washington Square

When I was a little girl, I read a book called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Le Lys de Brooklyn), and I imagined Francie, the main character living in a building like this one. She’d sit out on the fire escape and talk with her friends. To me this was New York city.
Notice the watertank at the top of the building? I don’t know what more recent buildings do so that you get water in your building, but this morning, I would have loved my hotel to have one of those on its roof. When I woke up, there was no water.
I was sent a complimentary bottle of water though. 😉 At least I won’t be thirsty.
One tends to forget what these normal things are but when there is no water, it means no flushing the toilet, no brushing your teeth, no taking a shower! What can be worse? No power, I guess. Hope the situation doesn’ last too long.

Update: it’s back! I am now clean and can face the day!

7 thoughts on “No water in the morning

  1. Water is life—or so the old saying goes. I know it would be the last thing I’d give up! We had frequent water outages when I was a kid and I remember carrying buckets of it for 3 loong blocks–uphill. It still makes me grateful for the conveniences I have now.
    Thanks so much for the voice recgnition suggestion, Claude. I’m going to hit Jack up for it when he gets back from China and Ireland. There’s no doubt my infirmity will not dramatically improve—at least not in this lifetime.
    I have so many folks to visit and hope I can leave a few words to my special friends. I must stop by and catch up on your snaps, though!

  2. I seem to remember this happening in London too. No complimentary water though. I’m beginning to think you drink and shower these hotels dry!! 🙂

  3. Love this photo too and sure glad you got your water back.
    Losing water/power reminds me of hurricane season down here
    in Florida….we’ve been very fortunate this year.

  4. Too bad about the water. Guess we’d better accustom ourselves to water issues, as we will have more in the future. Water tomorrow will be the oil of today. On that happy note, I’m glad you got your water, finally.

    We’ve really made a lot of progress, haven’t we? We’ve gone from having to haul water into the house, to having indoor plumbing, and now we’re back to hauling water into the house, only instead of it coming from our own water wells, we buy it from water companies who are quietly buying up water rights all over the world.

    Loved your picture of the water tower!

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