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Blogging in Paris


Photographing Dali

I got back too late last night to blog about my day. Such a full and interesting day! Naomi from A Little Red Hen and I had decided to meet at the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in the afternoon. So we did. And it was an afternoon full of visiting and talking –Naomi and I are both quite talkative ;). The MoMA is a fascinating museum and I loved seeing works I had never seen before. They have an incredible collection of Matisse and Picasso works, and they also let you take photos, as long as you don’t use your flashlight.
Then we had dinner and went to an off-Broadway production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a very good performance I thought. The second act might have been made a bit shorter, but on the whole, it was excellent. Years ago, I remember seeing the movie, which I thought was with Joanne Woodward but turned out to be with Maggie Smith. I was actually a student in the States when I saw that movie.
In the morning, I went to Wall Street and walked around but I’ll blog about this later on when I have uploaded some photos.
Anyway, another great day, mostly thanks to Naomi.

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at the MoMA as Naomi was photographing a piece by Dali


5 thoughts on “Meeting A Little Red Hen

  1. So happy you are enjoying your visit and that you and Naomi had a nice visit. Have you found any of those unclothed men statues you’ve been known to photograph in the past? 😀

  2. And the good time continues. Really nice you got to meet
    another blogging friend.
    Nice photo….although I’ve never been a Dali fan.
    We have his museum here in Florida, in St. Petersburg.

  3. While I’m not a fan of everything Dali created, there was an album cover for a 33 1/3 LP record many years ago that I really treasure … the music and the cover.

    Nice to hear about connecting in the real world with someone met in the virtual world.

  4. I’ve been away from my computer all week but I’ve been thinking about your meetup with Naomi and couldn’t wait to read about it. I’m having a leisurely Saturday morning with lots of strong coffee and enjoying your travel stories. Can’t wait to get over to A Little Red Hen to see what Naomi has posted. Just wish I was there too cuz there would be 3 very talkative women!

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