Wall Street


American Stock Exchange behind the crossView from the cemetery

Getting out of the subway at Wall Street brought me quite a few surprises. I had completely forgotten there was this church with this old cemetery, right by the Subway stop. Trinity Church and its cemetery are such a contrast with Wall Street, the skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of the city. The noise around is almost deafening, even more so as there are constructions sites and cranes all over the place.
Obviously, the cemetery is also a public garden as children have drawn several hopscotch grids on the ground
Then I went to Ground Zero, and took these photos.
Later on, I walked around the Wall Street area and wondered what this huge statue of a bull was doing there.
I’ll stop here for this evening. I’m leaving tomorrow for Boston, and still want to see a few things!
Incidentally, I walked so much today, between going to Penn Station to retrieve my train ticket for Boston, visiting a good part of the American Museum of Natural History and walking up and down Central Park that my legs are sore! So much so that I shunted dinner 😉 More about this soon.

I took the photo above at Trinity cemetery, as I was struck by the sight of this cross with the American Stock Exchange as a background.
As for the Charging Bull, a sculpture by Arturo di Modica, I should have had a look at Wikipedia before posting. 😉


3 thoughts on “Wall Street

  1. Well, you’ve outdone yourself here, Claude. So many interesting links and great shots. I love the one of the New York Stock Exchange, especially the trees. My holiday greetings when I was young and single were always B&W etchings, and the trees I see in those photos remind me of that.

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