The day after the turkey

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“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris

One of the great things about a turkey dinner is that you get to eat the leftovers and that they make the greatest sandwiches. How do you like this sandwich that I had?

Mmmm… Yummy.
Turkey sandwich

In the afternoon we went shopping. Now shopping with Norma is quite an experience. Not only is she the Apple Pie Master, she’s also the Shopping Master.
And in the evening, we went to a bonfire party.


Great people, great food and great moon!
The moon over the old shed


And a great bonfire!
Bonfire party

This kid sat in front a bonfire with a plate of chocolate cake. Obviously very good cake. He would take a bite and relish it, looking at the fire.

Such delicious cake and such wonderful bonfire
Chocolate cake bliss


And it all ended with roasting marshmallows!
Roasting marshmallows

7 thoughts on “The day after the turkey

  1. I am so glad that you get to do all those things during your trip to the US! It looks like you’re having a great time! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  2. Ah…a full moon…h-m-m-m…any strange goings on that night around the bonfire? Looks like great fun and true Americana life. Reminds me of the firepits at the beach.

  3. Oh, I forgot about the barn — what a striking shot. Am surprised someone hasn’t confiscated the old barn siding for interior decorating. Friends did a room in old barnsiding in the early 60’s. Don’t think barnsiding for that purpose is passe’ even now.

    As for the turkey sandwich…you convinced me before this year ends I will have to get a turkey…just for the leftovers!

  4. I just returned from my trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains yesterday, so now I’m playing catch-up on reading my blogs.
    How neat that you even got to experience an autumn bonfire while here in the US.
    I’d say your trip was superb!

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