Indian summer drive

Another beautiful day in New England. We started of by going to an apple picking orchard. We didn’t do much apple picking, but we ate some 😉 and walked around, enjoying the colours of the trees. Crowds came to pick apples, and looked like they had a great time.
It’s also pumpkin season and I enjoyed taking photos of pumpkins, gourds and other squash, some with incredible shapes, others with luscious colours.

Gourds or squash?


Then we drove around New Hampshire and enjoyed a stop at Keene, where I could satisfy my circle mania. Lots of squared circles coming up!

We also stopped by this lovely little lake


Bob spotted these two monarchs fluttering by and Norma and I took photos. I grumbled a lot because my camera, which I love most of the time, is slooow and butterflies tend to be fast!

Encounter with a monarch



All in all another wonderful day! Thank you Bob and Norma!

4 thoughts on “Indian summer drive

  1. Fascinating photo of the “gourds or squash,” Glad the monarch sat long enough for that shot. But, the photo that gives a catch to my heart is the one at the lake with the colorful changing leaves of fall. My memories of a trip up the east coast many years ago was glorious even though natives told us we were a week or so early for “peak” season. New Hampshire was the most spectacular for us that year.

  2. Your pictures give me a touch of your gourmandise for life. It’s good to enjoy your journey with your. Turning out sixty, I thought of all things you said about age and it made me feel fine. Love.

  3. Spectacular photos, Claude! So typical of autumn in New England.
    We have a Pumpkin Patch on the island and I plan to get down there tomorrow to do some picture taking.
    Loved the entries and photos on Millie’s site when you got to meet her.
    Really enjoyed that.

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