Blogging in Paris meets Time Goes By

This and That
“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris

My friend Norma drove me up to Maine yesterday and on the way up to Portland, we stopped at Kitttery shopping Outlets, where I must admit I did buy a few things 😉
We arrived at Ronni’s a little after six, and you can see what she had prepared for dinner!

Lobster!!! Or rather lobsters. Don’t they look good?

lobster dish


From the dish to the table

Dinner table

Let me tell you that they were more than good. They were scrumptious.
The evening was spent talking, talking and… talking. I guess that both of us are such chatterboxes we couldn’t stop and went to bed pretty late.
It’s really amazing how well you get to know people through their blogs and the emails you exchange with them.
I didn’t get to meet Crabby Old Lady, she wasn’t there yesterday. As for Ollie the cat, he felt shy and didn’t show up until late. But today, he is getting closer and closer to me. I wish I were able to take a photo of him. But I don’t think he is ready for that yet!


8 thoughts on “Blogging in Paris meets Time Goes By

  1. The lobster looks more than mouth-watering! Crabby Old Lady probably took a powder when she found out you were coming, as what would there be to complain about? Gee, can’t imagine you gals staying up late to talk. *smile*

  2. How neat that you also got up to Ronni’s place and WHAT a welcome you got there! Maine lobster..I’m drooling!
    What a great trip you’ve had and imagine all the memories you’re taking home with you. That’s so great and I know I sure can’t wait to meet you in Paris when I’m there in March.

  3. Claude, why didn’t I know you ha another blog? Thanks to Ronni’s link I now know about it and will visit often. I do hope you enjoyed your trip to the US, and I find it ironic that I was in Paris, while you were here.

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