Back to Paris (and back on-line)


I flew back from Boston and got to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle this morning at 7:30 a.m. Paris time. As I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane I must say I have been in a haze most of the day, taking several naps. It’s always more difficult to overcome jetlag on the way back.
On the plane, they showed Akeelah and the bee. I am a sucker for this kind of story where a child overcomes adversity. And I like Lawrence Fishburne a lot, so I enjoyed that.
It’s nice to be back online. Still too tired to really do much with photos and so on. But I will catch up with my USA trip tomorrow. Promise!
It’s been really a great trip full of great sights and of great people.
I really want to thank all the people who so helped to make my trip better –in chronological order:

  1. Naomi from A Little Red Hen in New York City
  2. Bob, Norma and their daughter Maggie in Sudbury and Boston –I just realised I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of their son Brian! It’ll be for my next trip.
  3. Ronni from Time Goes by and MaryLee from Full Fathom Five in Portland, Maine
  4. Millie from My Mom’s Blog and Carol and Steve Garfield in Boston.

Some fun stuff I found on Ollie’s blog
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9 thoughts on “Back to Paris (and back on-line)

  1. claude, you are a terrific representative of your country–in
    addition to being a great model for the adventurous life for
    “women of a certain age”! thanks for including me in your itineary
    and providing me the best reason to renew my MOMA membership.

    yours, naomi

  2. Welcome back home, Claude. I look forward to more entries
    and photos from your trip. It’s obvious you had a great time.
    I so agree that jet lag is always worse on the return home….so rest up and relax.

  3. Welcome home Claude. By all accounts you had a spledid time in the states, and in particular, your visit with Ronni. She certainly seemed to agree. Rest well dear friend…we’ll look forward to your posts.

  4. Welcome back home Claude, I hope you didn’t have to much waiting in line to check in etc.

    I saw that movie too, that was a good one, what a great way to while away the time.

    We only spent an afternoon together but I had anticipated you visit for some time, then we had time together and now I am still thinking about how great it was being in your company. What great spirit you have!

    Take care, be well and rest up!

  5. Claude – wow, you certainly know how to shrink the world, sounds like your trip was a great success- thanks for sharing some of the moments with us, looking good on Millie’s video too.

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