If it’s Thursday, it’s Portland, Maine

A fast show of Portland squared circles

To answer Ronni‘s wish, I uploaded some of the circles I photographed in Portland and thanks to Ollie at Le Blog à Ollie (a blog in French full of interesting links, even more interesting to Mac owners), turned them into an animated gif thanks to gickr. If you find it too tiring for your eyes, have a look at some of my Portland circles here, the result of a walk around Portland, Maine with Ronni, who recognising the symptoms of a true addiction, started pointing at possible circles 😉
There will be more, as I am still uploading

Marylee and Ronni

We interrupted our circle session to have a lovely lunch with MaryLee from Full Fathom Five, who, as you can see didn’t wear her cap. Lunch was delicious, and conversation quite interesting and animated.
All in all a delightful day, and a great visit that I would have liked to be longer. But I did so want to meet Millie Garfield that I had to leave on the next morning


5 thoughts on “If it’s Thursday, it’s Portland, Maine

  1. I’m impressed with all the great circles you found! Very unique theme.
    Enjoyed the photo of Mary Lee and Ronni….you sure did well meeting blogging friends on your trip.
    BY the way….I bet your kitty was happy you returned home. Did he do okay while you were away?

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