Meeting Thoroughly Modern Millie

When I started blogging, I would never have thought I would have lunch with the divine diva of elderblogdom, Millie Garfield,as GoldenLucyd once called her! Believe me, Millie doesn’t behave like a diva at all! She is just a wonderful person and I had the feeling that she was just an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time.
It was not that easy to find a day that suited the two of us, but we finally got organised, and met in Boston South Station at Au Bon Pain. I caught sight of Millie sitting at a table with a white-haired gentleman, and wondered for a minute if I wasn’t mistaken, but then SHE recognised me.

Carol, her daughter-in-law took us to this restaurant she knew, Les Zygomates, not far from South Station and Millie and I started talking. Millie had read the place could be quite noisy, but we were so busy talking that we didn’t notice. Maybe the other customers found US noisy 😉
Anyway, we hade a great lunch, followed by capuccinos that Millie thoroughly enjoyed and talked about our lives, blogging, other bloggers and a bunch of other things. It felt like I had always known Millie.
Then, Carol joined us and finally Steve, who I also recognised from his blog, his photos on flickr and lots of other places as he is VERY active and all over the Internet!

Steve took this photo of Millie and myself with my camera


Meeting in Boston


And I took this photo of the Garfields outside Les Zygomates
Meeting in Boston

I can’t resist posting Steve Garfield‘s video on blip TV. You wouldn’t believe the size of his Nokia93 phone – camcorder – computer – mp3player – camera (and I’m probably forgetting some uses). I held it in my hand and it’s also amazingly small and light. To me, like to a lot of elderbloggers, weight is an important factor.


Steve wrote:
Claude from Blogging in Paris came to visit Millie from My Mom’s Blog. They met at South Station in Boston and had lunch at Les Zygomates. Carol and Steve met them afterwords. It’s really great how blogging can bring people together.
  1. The photos I took here
  2. Steve’s photos here
  3. I finally managed to record and publish the French version of How Félix met antisemitism at age four. To listen to it, go down the the bottom of the page

4 thoughts on “Meeting Thoroughly Modern Millie

  1. The excitement of your day came right through on your post. What fun.
    I am meeting Colleen of “Loose Leaf Notes” this Friday in Virginia on my way North. This bloggosphere is a fun place.

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