Tempus fugit


8 o’clock already! How had she not woken up earlier? Since she was retired, she had noticed that she was waking up later and later. « Nothing wrong with that », she thought. « I am just taking my time ».
Taking your time… one of the privileges of age. Perhaps because you had both more time and less time. Less time because you had lived the largest part of your life and you were going to die. More time, because you didn’t HAVE TO do things right away. Anything could wait till tomorrow. She turned over and went back to sleep.

Has any of you heard anything from Susan at Sazsecrets? Not a word on her blog since October 1st.


11 thoughts on “Tempus fugit

  1. Now Claude….I am a bit disappointed in your “clock” collage. Why didn’t you get photos of all of them with them all having the exact same time… 😀 😀

    Just teasing of course. 🙂

  2. to answer your question about saz secrets…week or so ago i sent an
    email with similar concern. she replied that the needs of an elderly
    friend have been consuming her days, didn’t even have time to read
    blogs. i keep checking in too.

  3. What you said about time in retirement is so true! I used to get to do the laundry at 10.00am, then I started to do laundry at about 11:00am and now it’s about 11;30am before I get to do it.

    I sure have slowed down!! After all I have all day.

    Alan: it was much more interesting to have each clock set at a different time, I’m with Claude!! 😉

  4. As an “elder” nearing the end, rather than the beginning, of life I tend to care less and less about clocks and doing things “on time”. Whose time? That’s why I prefer my own transportation.
    As others have said, I heard from Susan, Aka Saz, and she says she will be back when she has met her obligation and thanks all who have been concerned.
    It’s nice of you to keep us all in the know.

  5. Since I have retired, I find I am much in tune with rising and setting of
    the sun. As winter approaches, I am sleeping later and later in the
    morning and find a wonderful comfort in crawling under the covers early
    each night to read or watch TV.

    A lovely post about aging. Thanks

  6. I love not working outside the home anymore…it’s such a luxury to do what I want, when I want. You gave me a great idea for a blog entry about this for later this week….so thanks, Claude.

  7. Since I am not working any more I have no more time. I wonder how I handled being a working mother, doing the household cooking etc. and still had time. Now I have the whole day to myself and am always busy. But I am happy with it, because so many women (and men) are just hanging around, watching TV and complaining about age !

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