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Perhaps because my parents had named me Claude, and Claude is a name both for boys and girls in France, I always wanted to be a boy. I was what the French call un garçon manqué, a tomboy. When I was a child, every year there was a fancy dress ball at the town hall in district and all my girl-friends would dress like princesses or fairies. Not me! To me it was the ideal opportunity to dress as a Captain Hook or a musketeer. My best costume ever was a cowboy’s. I had the Texan hat, a toy revolver, hanging from a belt, a red scarf, neatly tied around my neck I can’t remember where I had found cowboys’ boots and can remember how wonderful it felt to walk with what I thought to be a cowboys’ gait. I had even drawn a fine moustache on my upper lip.
The only problem was no boy wanted to dance with a cowboy and no girl would dance with a girl! Nothing is perfect!

  1. First 50 Words triggered my memory and gave me the idea for this post.
  2. I made my cowboy avatar at the mini-mizer, where you can make your own 😉
  3. These days, this is more how I would see myself.
  4. When I first thought of a pic for this post, I rather fancied the flamenco moo, but she was a ‘she’, so I rejected her.

5 thoughts on “Cowboy

  1. I followed your trail here from First 50 Words, then looked at your photos on Flickr. We’ve led very similar lives, from tomboyish beginnings to teachers, to “elder geeks.” Here’s another childhood memory of playing cowboy from my blog: Shadow Play.

  2. hmmm, makes me think how i miss dress-up opportunities.
    claude, maybe there’s a way to have elderbloggers wear something we
    never have a chance to–like your cowboy outfit–take a photo and
    share the images. sort of an adaptation of PhoneCon.

  3. What a timely post – about dressing up in costume. Do you celebrate Halloween in Paris?

    Read your post this morning and came back to it again. – wanted to look at your photo’s “Me” again. Great pictures of you as a child – loved the ones at the beach and the one of you dancing with your father. And the one of you, close-up – beautiful!! Beautiful eyes and what a wonderful head of hair – black or white, your hair is your crowning glory!

  4. I, also, was a tomboy as a child. Lived in Texas when I was 12 and 13. Wore boys’ jeans until my body changed and I couldn’t. Of course, we had to wear dresses to school, but after was all jeans. My best friend was way into horses and I was way into rocket ships, which made for interesting play on an afternoon.

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