Where is Mandarin Design?

Meg loved flowers and birds Meg loved flowers and birds


Meg passed away back in June, but her blog was still on line and every now and them, more often than you may think, I’d go there to find about bits of code that would help me make a post look the way I wanted.
I used MandarinDesign code in my last post, so my last visit was not all that old.
Well, I just went there to have a look at a very convenient table of colours that Meg had put together and landed there.
Why wasn’t her site kept on line?

Keeping someone’s blog on-line, is like keeping some of that person alive. I don’t think that it would occur to someone’s children to intentionally put all the photos of their parents in the garbage, never to be seen again! Aren’t our blogs a bit, or even much of ourselves?
I realise that I am ranting here, as it’s probably none of my business what happens to other people’s blogs. But still…

It had been my understanding that some of us were willing to pay for the upkeep on the blog online. And now I don’t know what happened. I probably overlooked something.

The photo above was one of Meg’s photos on flickr. I hope no one decides to delete that too.

Post Trashed by Mandarin

16 thoughts on “Where is Mandarin Design?

  1. I was there recently, too, and am as surprised as you are that the content is gone. Maybe the parties involved let the renewal date go by unnoticed. ISPs are notorious for wanting a ton of information before making any changes, and perhaps they couldn’t provide it in time before the plug was pulled. I hope they resolve it.

    For the same reasons, I changed my husband’s logins to one I can manage easily so his accounts (Flickr, web logs, etc.) are still active and online. I always had to gently persuade him that his online writing was of value to others besides me. We were a team — I preferred to take the photos, and he’d write about our flying adventures. (Oh, and fly the plane.)

    I hope Flickr stays around for a long time. When I see my husband’s comments under photos, it’s as if he’s still part of the conversation.

    I didn’t know Meg like you did, but I view her site the same way — as an extension of the person.

  2. HI! I am just as surprised ….. Mandarin design has been my reference since I started blogging about a year ago. And I did not know the blog owner is no longer around (even more surprised!). I love all the tips on Mandarin Desigh and I somehow hope to see it back on. I found this, though …

  3. omg ! i can’t believe this ! shame on me ! i didn’t even know that Michelle have passed away in June !

    ooh… so sad T_T Mandarin Design was my favourite resources to CSS, the best one !

  4. Her blog not online anymore,but the content kept in somewhere of the internet(it call “Internet Archive”…enter Meg’s blog address can get back content)…As the server load is very heavy, I think you can grab the page of Meg at there, and host it on your server.

    Holding something on the internet is not easy…domain can expire, hosting company can bankrupt, data can be deleted by accident…we just hope there is somebody can keep the thing online after we die.

  5. You can still find some of her pages at Alexa.com
    Search MandarinDesign.com. Once the site information is up use the wayback machine.

  6. Rest in peace Meg, from canada. I wondered what happened to the site, till i googled. I agree someone’s work must continue, It was their gift to this world and I will be willing to host it up.

    Email me incase of anything

    madarindesigns.com fanatic

  7. OMG! it’s been so long since I had been by mandarin design, that I didn’t even realize that Meg was Gone! and Now Her Blog!? poop! when ever I couldn’t remember (or needed the code fast, without thinking about it) I would go by there, and grab the code quick.
    😦 what a disappointment, that we weren’t given the opportunity to take the site over. (I would have gladly saved her stuff and put up in a section named ‘mandarindesign’) /as I’m sure there are loads of people who would have been all to happy to help/

    I do send the family my sympathies and well wishes. Her lost affects hundreds of people that she has helped over the years.

  8. I am another (from Washington State, USA) who relied on Mandarin Design… so sad to see it’s gone! Blessings to Meg’s family. She provided a valuable service – worldwide!

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