The Lobsterman

Blogging in Paris

I finally managed to upload quite a few photos from that day I spent with Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By. Among those are photos of the Lobsterman, which you can see above as a slideshow.
Ronni already posted some of the photos she took at Paris comes to Portland.
As I said somewhere else, I take too many photos and can’t keep up with the uploading 😉
Portland squared circles here
More Portland photos here

6 thoughts on “The Lobsterman

  1. Wonderful circles! I am inspired – I am going to go draw some circles 🙂

    You also inspire me to post some more photos… Perhaps I will get my Flicker site working (perhaps)
    There are so many things to learn – I think I have a technology learning deficit 🙂

  2. see that you too consider sidewalk water meters worthy of attention. i became intrigued in mexico, took photos, did charcoal rubbings–china too. something compelling about roundness.

    was that a portland mailbox with chinese characters? your photos always alert my visual senses. thanks!

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