Blogging questions



Over a week ago, I started a new blog and am now wondering if it was such a good idea. I wanted to experiment with a WordPress theme that would accept widgets, thingies that you can add to your sidebar without having to dive into html code. It turns out widgets are not as versatile as I expected them to and there are things that I cannot add in my sidebar, just because it would mean getting my hands into php, which is just impossible for me.
Contentwise, what I had in mind at the time, was some sort of daily journal about food, real food and exhibitions I went to, –food and food for thought.
Then somehow, I guess you can’t fight what you are used to, it turned into a daily photo with writing whatever came to mind about the daily photo. I also started recording every one of these posts in French.

Today I had lunch with a friend who said that I’d be better off opening a new category at Blogging in Paris, post here and forget about a new blog that is misleading. He may have a point. He also suggested I should post Claude’s Daily Photo, here at Blogging in Paris.
I sort of tend to agree with him about My Daily Quotidien, but I like posting my photos on a black background at Claude’s Daily Snap.
What should I do? could I ask you for some feedback?