Where is Mandarin Design? follow-up

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Blogging in Paris


…another post trashed by Mandarin Design thanks to the Wayback Machine…

Last week, I was wondering what had happened to Mandarin Design. It definitely seems that Meg’s site has been discontinued, and it is too bad that this has happened.
Now, a few days ago, talking about finding what our sites used to be like, my friend Leo mentioned The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a place where you can find the successive versions of different sites. Although we discussed that approximately at the same time as I realised that Mandarin Design was no more online, I didn’t connect the two bits of information.
Well, if you try to find Meg at Mandarin, her site is still here
This is in fact where I found the pullquote that you can see on the right of this post.
Another post, trashed by Mandarin.

4 thoughts on “Where is Mandarin Design? follow-up

  1. Glad you posted this. I was just introduced to her site through hans at Beautiful Beta and now her treasures are lost. Not now since you’ve posted this. Meg had an AWESOME SITE with valuable information I wish she wouldve monetized her site she’d probrably still be with us. Miss You Meg!

  2. I am so sad to hear this. I retired about the time [November 2006] from my Web Development Job and have not looked at any “Web” stuff since. I thought of Mandarin Design Blog since I want to start my own blog and love her ideas and creativity so much. So, so gifted. Thank you for the link.


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