Un beau chou!



When I was a child, my girlfriends’ parents told them that boys were found in cabbage and girls in roses. No stork delivering babies, in France. You found them in the garden. My mother never told me such silly stories. I don’t even remember not knowing how children came into the world.
Cabbage, or chou is quite an important word in French.
We have a song, that goes Savez-vous planter les choux, à la mode, à la mode, savez-vous planter les choux à la mode de chez nous?
When you like someone, you call him/her, mon chou, which just means sweetheart or honey.
Talking about someone, you can say that s/he is un chou — such a nice person.
And we have pastry called chou à la crème, with fluffy cream and a sort of dough called pâte à choux. I am certainly forgetting a lot of French expressions including the word chou.
I took this photo at the open air market in Portland, Maine, while I was staying with Ronni Bennett, from Time Goes By and have already blogged it at Claude’s Daily Snap. You can see a larger version by clicking here
After looking at my flickr photos, I see that I have taken quite a few photos of cabbage!


4 thoughts on “Un beau chou!

  1. Just last night a local news program had a piece on using “cabbage” as entry-way potted plants and all the various types that make great accents to a flower garden.

    Indeed…that is a very beautiful photo. After seeing it I am going to have to plant a couple of cabbage plants next spring in some of my free standing wooden pots.

  2. I can’t believe that’s a picture of a cabbage Claude. It’s as beautiful as many roses I’ve seen….and I LOVE ROSES. I would have never known…thanks.

  3. That is a beautiful cabbage. I would never have thought of cabbage being a word to be used in terms of endearment.

    This post is a must to be shared when my French class resumes in Jan.

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