Freudian snapshot?

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I took this photo in a shopwindow as I came out of a doctor’s appointment at Hopital Cochin. I walked down Boulevard St Michel and some of the small streets near Métro Odéon, and as it is in the area of la Faculté de Médecine, –Medical school, there are quite a few shops selling medical paraphernalia.
If you are a Blogging in Paris reader, you know how I feel about doctors.
What you see here is the top of a box which contains some sort of magnifying glass. I am not sure what’s the use of it.
What I see here, is how attractive to male doctors they’ve tried to make this magnifying glass. No idea which part of you this good-looking gal would look at, and I’m not even sure I want to know.;)

Click to listen to this post in French [audio:freudiansnapshot.mp3]
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5 thoughts on “Freudian snapshot?

  1. hmmm, looks like device for doctor/dentist to use to magnify what’s being observed. actually our dentist using something similar to binoculars. trying to do this in words not working for me! my hands keep trying to describe.

  2. Yes, we must attract the presumably mostly male doctors with the pretty girl. I’ve never seen my dentist use anything that remotely looks like that and he has the latest technology in his office — something new every time I visit there.

  3. After thought — I’m inclined to think this magnifying glass is something an Opthalmologist might use.

    You must go back, Claude, and find out who uses this and for what, or we will be doomed to wonder forever. 😉

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