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Blogging in Paris


Paris displays shopwindows which can make you dream.
I took this photo in the Latin Quarter. You might imagine that the Latin Quarter, with all its students offers affordable stuff.
Quite the opposite in fact. Art galleries, expensive clothes and jewellery, nothing cheap there.
Ever since we’ve changed to the Euro, figuring out what something costs has become difficult. You have to multiply prices by 6.55! I know about the price of bread or everyday items. But when it comes to luxury things, I have to ‘translate‘. Younger people might find it easier, but for people my age, it’s rather difficult.
I remember how last summer, at sales time , I saw a lovely blouse in a shopwindow, just the right colour, and obviously the right size. I looked at the pricetag, which said 500. For a minute, I thought:
OK, 500 francs for such a nice blouse is a bit expensive, but, I really like it.
And suddenly it dawned on me that it was 500 euros. Not quite the same. 😉
So that day, I had to stick to windowshopping.

Click to listen to this post in French [audio:windowhopping.mp3]

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7 thoughts on “Windowshopping

  1. It used to be so easy to translate francs into pounds. It was almost always near enough to 10 francs to the pound. This made calculating our holiday spending money so easy. It also made translating the price of wine in the big warehouses near the port while waiting for our ferry simple for my feeble brain. Now the euro is worth .67 pence. It doesn’t make for easy conversion in the brain.

    I’ve noticed the last time I was in France (last year) that in some supermarche they still show what the price would be if it were still francs. Do they still do that?

    I miss the franc. It was prettier too.

  2. I’ve never been any good at translating prices when I travel out of the United States, with or without Euros. Even when it is something as easy as – oh, lets say, 2EUR to 1USD – I’m just as likely to convert it backwards as correctly.

  3. I’ve always loved the windows in Paris shops…the presentation is just gorgeous. It’s really an art and something you don’t see that much of in the US anymore.

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