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I took a photo of this unusual sign this morning on a street next to a hospital and wondered if anyone would guess what’s on the other side of this keyhole. Of course, you can see blue skies and clouds just as I can, but what’s the sign for?

Well, it’s the logo of a funeral home. It gave me a good laugh. Even more so, when I saw that their shopwindow showed “the other bank“.
It set me wondering if France was the only country that had funeral companies next to hospitals, or if this was international.
I have always lived in the vicinity of a hospital and where I’m living now, there’s a hospice and of course, on the other side of the avenue there is a funeral home. Mourning families don’t have far to go, I guess.
Is it the same where you live?

Click to listen to this post in French [audio:funeralsign.mp3]

Nothing to do of course, with Shirl’s blog, The Other Side


8 thoughts on “The other side…

  1. In Norwich two funeral companies are located near hospitals although one the the hospitals has moved. I wonder if the funeral company is losing business.

  2. Yes, it’s the same where I live up North – A nursing home to my right, an assisted living around the corner and a funeral home within a stones throw!

    In Florida, where I spend the winter, there is a hospital right up the street, a nursing home right across the street from the hospital and a short distance away are several funeral homes.

    Across the street from the hospital there are a number of high rise buildings with many different specialists.

    And on practically ever corner there is a podiatrist’s office.

    And they are all busy!! 😉

  3. What a creative logo they have.
    I never really thought about the proximity of those places but since we have NO hospital and NO funeral parlor here on the island I’ll have to say…not here.

  4. Strangely, yes and no. Where I lived in Pennsylvania, there are PLENTY of funeral homes (which shows the average age of the population in that area) and they do cluster around the hospitals. I used the funeral home literally around the corner from our hospital, but it’s just one of many.

    Here in downtown Toronto I live near an area with four large hospitals in a single block, but I don’t recall seeing funeral homes close by them (probably the real estate prices are too high), but there’s a funeral home directly across the street from the hospital and clinic that I use.

    In Vancouver I lived a few blocks from a city hospital, but unless one sprang up within the past few months, there isn’t one nearby. I don’t think there are any near UBC Hospital, but there are some a short distance away. But not across the street, I’m quite sure.

  5. I don’t think there are any near UBC Hospital, but there are some a short distance away. But not across the street, I’m quite sure.

    Oops, I meant to say there are some a short distance away from Vancouver General Hospital, BC Women’s, and Children’s.

    In Vancouver’s case, I would say it has more to do with the price of real estate.

  6. Interesting view through the key hole to “the other bank.” Interesting question you raised, also.

    Here in Southern California several hospitals in our area, and one extremely well-known and large one in Los Angeles have no funeral homes in what I would consider close proximity. A funeral home is located several blocks away from our large local hospital.

    There are several skilled nursing facilities within a block or so, a church quite close, all sorts of other medical complexes, businesses close also.

  7. Well in the two cities I’ve lived in in Alberta, the funeral homes tend to be surrounded by bars and not really that close to any hospitals. In fact one very popular pub used to be a funeral home which I find rather creepy. Anyway it makes for good after hours parking.

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