A lovely window in my neighbourhood

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Blogging in Paris


On my way to the baker‘s yesterday, I spotted that lovely window and stopped to take a photo. Ah, sometimes I wish I had green fingers or rather, I wish I were not so lazy. I have a balcony where I grow nothing. I am just too lazy to plant anything or even to buy flowers or plants that I would have to water every day.
And you know what? Somehow, flowers know it. Whenever I’ve had plants on my balcony, they immediately gathered all sorts of pests and bugs and I’ve had to throw them away. My mother loved gardening and always had thriving plants at home though. Why am I not more like her? At least in that respect… 😉

Click to listen to this post in French [audio:lovelywindow.mp3]

I’m reposting this from short-lived blog, Mon Daily Quotidien, which I am going to turn into an all-French thing.


8 thoughts on “A lovely window in my neighbourhood

  1. I have never been able to grow flowers like that either…but I love it when someone does and I never fail to stop and admire their efforts. The picture is lovely. Thanks.

  2. What a gorgeous window and flowers. Don’t feel bad, Claude. Add me to the list. I adore flowers…but grow them? Forget it. I think they know I’m not very deligent with watering and care.

  3. I’ve always loved and appreciated the beauty of flowers all my life Claude. And, I’ve always been disappointed that I’ve never been into gardening like so many people are. I buy some plants each spring and put them in my planters outside, then depend on the occasional rain to make sure they do well. I’ve managed to water them if need be, but that’s about it. I guess it’s laziness on my part too. This window is really beautiful.

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