Philippe Noiret, in memoriam

Philippe Noiret was a wonderful actor and loved his trade. It saddened me to hear of his death as he was the kind of man that had been around for such a long time and in so many good movies that you felt he was almost part of the family. I am sorry I missed his last stage appearance in Love Letters with Anouk Aimée. He loved acting both on the stage and in movies and will be missed.

Once, asked what his dearest possessions were, he replied that he didn’t possess what he most valued in the world, his wife and his daughter.

  1. I am grateful to Colin PDX on flickr for taking the photo above and letting me use it here.
  2. You’ll find Philippe Noiret’s filmography here
  3. En français, ici

2 thoughts on “Philippe Noiret, in memoriam

  1. I love the quote…that the thing he valued the most he could never possess, his wife and daughter. (It’s so true that you can never truly “possess” another human being…even when they are your most precious possessions.)
    Thanks for all your nice comments. Ginnie

  2. I rememberr seeing him in two movies -The Postman and Cinema Paradiso. Never forgot them, beautifully acted and great stories.

    It’s rare to see anything that good today.

    Thanks for the link to my blog about Thanksgiving.

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