Very Lazy Gardener meets Blogging in Paris

Lots of fun and talking yesterday with Peggy from Daily Life of a Very Lazy Gardener. Once again, evidence that you get to know a lot about people whose blogs you read regularly. I knew I would like Peggy and that we wouldn’t have to think of what we would talk about. Although she is much younger than me, from minute one, we started talking as if we had always known one another.
Let me tell you, from our conversation, Peggy may be a mildly lazy gardener, but she is NOT lazy!
We met for breakfast and talked our heads off.

Very Lazy Gardener comes to Paris
Over coffee

Then walked over to Bon Marché, where everything was ready for Christmas!. I am sorry I stopped her from buying unsweetened cooking chocolate, on the grounds that it would be outrageously expensive. I was sure we’d find some in other cheaper stores, but we didn’t! We stopped at the pastry stand, and this guy told Peggy she couldn’t take photos. So we moved away and took photos of other products.

Very Lazy Gardener comes to Paris
There she is, in action!

Then we walked from store to store in search of the right chocolate and never found it and finally got back to where we started and she went off to meet her Mom and her son George –I am not putting a link without his permission 😉

Very Lazy Gardener comes to Paris
Off she goes!

I am sure we will meet again, either in Scotland or in Normandy, or in Paris, or through our blogs!
Thanks for visiting, Peggy!

  1. More Bon Marché photos here

10 thoughts on “Very Lazy Gardener meets Blogging in Paris

  1. What a nice visit you had with Peggy. I especially like the first pic you took of her. Glad you two got a chance to meet and enjoy some time together.

  2. I have yet to meet a fellow blogger in person, but it must be a wonderful experience. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that someday, you will find your way to sunny California and we can have coffee and sight see together.

  3. I KNEW I would see pictures of Peggy sooner on your blog than on hers! I’m so glad you got together and I agree with Maria in that I am amazed with this entire new blogging community phenomena that has been born. Peg looks pretty smart in red.

    I wonder if this baker has Intellectual Property attorneys standing by in case someone tries to make off with the likeness of their baked creations…

  4. That guy who worked behind the pastry counter in Bon Marche was odd. I must say the the things behind the glass were gorgeous, whether they tasted as pretty as they looked . . .

    George and I are safe at home now. It was very windy last night getting in(!) and our pilot had to abort his first landing.

    Now that I am back home, I’ll get over to my blog and tell you in my own words how wonderful it was to meet Claude.

  5. claude, catching up with you for the week i was away: no computer, no TV, and when will i figure out my little shortwave radio.

    your visit with peggy sounds delightful. there is now a little club of us, “bloggers who’ve met claude in person.” did millie garfield take a photo of you taking a photo? those images would make a lovely series, “claude snapped by others.”

    finally, my suggestion is you consider taking up knitting again if only to while away time on lines. that’s what i do in our highly dysfunctional city post offices.

  6. Naomi has a great idea!!! We could have a whole series of fellow bloggers that we have met. You have meet me, Naomi, Ronni, Peggy and I think there was some else too.

    I had the excitiment and opportunity to meet you and Terri. What great fun that was. Oh, and when I went to Blogher I meet some great people too.

    Blogging has opened up a whole new world for us, aren’t we lucky!
    !! 😉

  7. I’m wondering if it is unique to blogging that when we meet one another, we feel like old friends.

    Perhaps because we already do know one another from all the time we spend reading and leaving comments, and often posting photos, we really do and we’re just adding another dimension.

  8. How nice you got to meet another blogger. I have also found it’s like you’ve known them forever. Years ago I met many of my pen pals and the same thing…like we really “knew” each other.
    I can’t get over the fellow at Bon Marche…Guess I’d better watch it with my camera when I come over in March. Wouldn’t want to be arrested in Paris…especially not for the “crime” of simply taking photos.

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