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I am not much of a memer (have I just made up this word? A memer, a person who answeres memes?) but, Peggy at Day to Day Life of a Very Lazy Gardener tagged me with this Am I Weird Too? meme. As I told her in a comment, sometimes, I think I am so weird, that I wonder if I am normal 😉

1. As I revealed here once, I own and play with a gameboy. I have been doing this for years, but surprisingly, I still play Tetris on that console and love it. Last year, I lost my Gameboy on a train and had to buy another one.

2. I don’t like babies and small children, therefore I am not particularly anxious to become a grandmother. I am afraid I will be a lousy one. Now, as Chancy said yesterday in a comment, if my daughter decides to have children, which hopefully for her sake, she will, I will have no choice 😉

3. I have no sense of direction whatsoever. Most particularly when I’m driving. It seems that I can’t do two things at the same time, driving and finding my way. I get lost every single time I visit with my favourite cousins who live in the provinces and they have to come and fetch me, somewhere in their neighbourhood, but lost!

4. I can’t attend lectures. I get incredibly bored, whatever the subject. It’s probably because I’ve been doing the talking all my life and can’t stand another person doing it instead. Remember? I used to be a teacher.

5. I am a compulsive photographer and have uploaded some 13,500 photos on flickr. Now, I know of one of my friends who has uploaded almost twice as many in approximately the same time. Does that make me a little less weird? 😉

6. I hate beetroots with a passion. I cannot even eat something that has been in contact with a piece of beetroot. And I hate the sweet flavour of the things. I hate broccoli too and will not touch it. I haven’t even taken a photograph of either of those veggies.

  1. I don’t want to tag anyone, but feel free to tell how weird you are on your blog.
  2. If you’re wondering about the weird sign at the top of the page, it was at the entrance to a bank, and I had to ask what it meant. It means ‘one at a time’


9 thoughts on “Am I Weird Too?

  1. omg. I can not believe you have uploaded that many pictures on flickr. Do you know about moo cards? Great gift ideas that can give a gift of yourself, too. I don’t think you are weird for your photo passion, though. I think it is inspiring that you have let yourself follow your passion so deeply. You have such a talent for photography and your eye captures things in such an artistic way. It is a lovely way online to share your gifts with others.

    WEll, maybe I’ll be a memer for the first time, too, and tell of my wierdness. Maybe I’m weird because I do like broccoli.

  2. claude, so many ideas here that stimulated my thinking–what’s with the doctor asking about your being a grandma? but don’t start me on them!. with your readiness for new experiences, could it be that “weirdly adventurous” would be more fitting description?

    my own weird response to that sign–one out of three men wants to get out!

  3. See! I found something else out. I am nuts about Gambeboy too. I get George really mad at me because I keep completing his new games before he does. Tetris had to be hidden from me.

    Babies have to be hidden from me too. I love them. I always have. My friends here in the village say the easiest way to attract my attention is to hold a baby out.

    Don’t worry about your lack of sense of direction, stick with me when we’re together next and we’ll never get lost.

  4. I love it, Claude! AND all one has to do is read my blog to know how weird I am but I think I’ll rise to your challenge as soon as possible! Glad to know I’m not alone is still loving Tetris!

  5. Just to be pernickety, it should be “at the entrance *to* a bank” I’m a weird English teacher, remember? 😉
    And the weird sign could mean “no overtaking”!!

  6. Point taken Sarah! Thanks
    Kay, I am looking forward to your weirdness 😉
    Peggy, I didn’t know you were crazy about Gameboys too!
    Naomi, I like ‘weirdly adventurous’
    MotherPie, thanks for saying ‘inspiring’ instead of weird!

  7. “Does that make me a little less weird?”

    No, it makes me twice as weird :):):):):)

    Other than potatoes, I don’t eat any vegetables or salad ingredients.

    I’ll whisper this so no one can hear: You forgot to mention strolling round cemeteries and collecting squared circles, letters and numbers 😉

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