Undo button

This and That
“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris


Out of CTRL

Things I would un-do if there were an undo button:

    1. I would un-eat these last two potatoes I had for dinner.
    2. I would un-buy my movie camera, as I am obviously not using it much
    3. I would un-be angry at my mother when she said things that drove me crazy. They were not so important after all!
    4. I would un-go on diets to be thinner.
    5. I would un-start dyieing my hair when my first grey hair appeared.

I can’t think of anything else. Does that mean that I don’t have that many regrets?
Well, maybe.
What would you un-do?


15 thoughts on “Undo button

  1. Hmm…good question. I guess I really have no regrets…as Edith Piaf had said.
    But one thing I wish I could “un-do” would be…had focused more on my writing career 25 years ago rather than wait so long.

  2. I was in a parking garage, heading home after a meeting. I looked right and saw no car and started backing out wile turning sharply — forgetting that just a metre or so back was a cement post. When my bumper scraped along violently my first though was “Apple Z, apple Z!” (being a Mac user)

  3. Hmmmmm, if I had an un-do button, I think that some of my past boyfriends would no longer be in my past!

    P.S. I am glad you liked the cartoon and yes, of course, you may borrow it! No need to ask.

  4. I would undo being so freaking intense, but the problem is, i’m still doing it. guess i’m stuck with myself. i’d maybe undo not giving more parties. that’ll be my goal for 2007: actually giving parties at my own house! gasp!! think i can do it? just having ONE party would be more than before. wish me luck.

  5. Are you kidding Claude? My mind is blowing a fuse trying to think of ALL the things I’d un-do. I know one thing…I’d un-do last Saturday completely and have the water go back into those broken pipes…never to be seen again. Now that I think about it…apart from my grandson’s birth and my daughter’s wedding…I’d UN-DO the whole last two years. WOW….would that be great!

  6. Heureusemnt que je suis là pour écrire en français!!!
    J’allais chanter “non rien de rien”…quand j’ai vu qu’une autre y avait pensé avant moi.
    Bises à l’écrivaine que tu es devenue

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