I’ve been good this year!



This is what cracked Santa up! And yet, I swear, on the whole, I’ve been sooo good that I treated myself to this new baby!

Waiting for the battery to charge...

Why did I need another camera? Well, I could tell you that some people’s philosophy is that you never have too many cameras (hmm? Leo?) but the real reason is that this little Pentax will take macros up to 1cm close. Very unusual for a point-and-shoot. And it only weighs 125g.

Friday, I went to Cimetière de Vaugirard, with my Panasonic FZ5 around my neck and my Pentax W20 in my pocket. The Pentax for close-ups, and the Panasonic for everything else. I had lots of fun for a couple of hours and started walking back. And suddenly, fell down with the Panasonic hitting my chestbone. I was on the ground, hit my chest and my right cheek, and as usual when a white-haired woman falls down, I had two helpful ladies come and pick me up, almost faster than I would have liked! I hurt all over and would have loved a little more time on the ground to recover. 😉
My friend Elly‘s theory, is that the Panasonic was unhappy and envious and organised the whole thing.
This is what happened to the Panasonic dial though:

My FZ5 and myself fell down

I stole the Santa cartoon from JustAskJudy. All I had to do was to ask! Isn’t she nice?
The photo of the Pentax was taken with the Panasonic, and the Pentax did a good job of showing the damage on the Panasonic.

14 thoughts on “I’ve been good this year!

  1. Ouch!!!

    What a lovely little camera — I know what you mean when you say “you can never have too many cameras” 🙂
    Poor Panasonic – we send sympathy and hope it is feeling better soon!

    Also – pass on thanks to Judy for letting you share tne message from Santa

  2. Glad “you” didn’t suffer any major damage from the fall Claude. Look forward to your macros. Your first one came out real good although I am not sure Mr. Panasonic deserved to have its photo taken. 😀

  3. Ouch! You must’ve had the wind knocked out of you!

    But I know what you mean about the wanting to lie still for a moment. Unless you’re lying on the street, the last thing you want is to do is move.

    Did the Panasonic make it to the digital camera hospital? Or did go directly to the digicam graveyard?

    I’ve been tempted to buy a macro lens for my Pentax K-1000 over this next week while in the U.S., but only if I can get a deal and only if I don’t have to fight a crowd!

  4. Oh Claude…are you okay? At least I had mounds of snow to cushion my belly flop a couple of weeks ago. I hope your camera was the only thing that got scratched up. I can imagine how sore you were…

    Your new Pentax looks great. You deserve to treat yourself to a new camera. I tend to agree…I think the Panasonic plotted the whole thing. But, as so often happens in these plots….it backfired; and look who got all scratched up. Happy picture taking Claude…and, be careful out there…

  5. Sorry to learn about your fall. I know what you are saying about just letting you lay there for a while to compose yourself. People mean well but most do not understand – just let the person pull themselves together before they are moved.

    Hope you are feeling ok today. Lucky you didn’t break any bones!

    Thinking of you,

  6. Oh, gosh, Claude….thank goodness you didn’t break anything. But I imagine you’re pretty sore. Take good care of yourself!
    On the camera…congrats to you. Yup, kinda like, “one can’t be too rich or too thin”…lol And one can never have too many cameras. It does a great close-up. So enjoy…but be safe.

  7. Claude, are you sure you shouldn’t be checked out by your doctor? You might have a broken rib or something. I am sorry you had to endure that, and I hope that the soreness will abate soon. Soaking in a bath of very hot water will help.

  8. Oh wow – that other camera has had it’s days. I love your new one! I’m looking for a small one to carry with me everywhere.

    Still just can’t decide… I’ll have to keep this one in mind.

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