City Lights

On Monday, I went to Opera Garnier where they were performing Mozart’s Idomeneo, a performance which would have been even more enjoyable if we had been properly seated. But this is probably too much to ask in these wonderful-looking theatres. They ARE wonderful to look at, but thoroughly uncomfortable and probably meant for children (size-wise).

Before the performance

Of course, I had taken both my cameras with me and took gazillions of photos with my older camera, as it is better at night. I even started from home pretty early, as I wanted to shoot the lights at Galeries Lafayette and Place Vendôme. So I did, and also took quite a few photos inside the Opera House.
On my way home on the métro, I reviewed my photos and wanting to delete one blurry photo, I managed to erase all the photos I had taken on that day. I still don’t know how I ever did that, but I did. They have all disappeared forever. 😦

I don’t like to give up though, and yesterday, as it wasn’t raining, I went back to the Galeries Lafayette area in the evening and shot photos inside and outside,

Christmas Tree Outside Printemps

Then I walked along rue de la Paix to Place Vendôme. The whole area was just silvery and worth going back to.


9 thoughts on “City Lights

  1. I’m sure that the photos that have been deleted have taken on mythical proportions in your mind. They would have been the best, prize winning Christmas photos of Paris of all time. Never mind.

    I sure like the ones you took to replace them. Paris is so pretty when she is dressed up for Christmas!

    Joyeux Noël mon petit chou-fleur! 😉

  2. Oh, what a shame about the deleted shots! Talk about aggravating!
    LOVED these shots though. Just gorgeous and I see Galleries Lafayette changes the look of their tree each year.
    I’ve already done a post for Sunday…Christmas Eve…from my time in Paris 7 years ago, along with photos.

  3. Oh Claude, I’ve done that before, I mean accidentally deleting a whole bunch of photos. You can never know if you deleted them or if the software suddenly had an attack of some kind and did it for you. But never mind — future photos will be even better.

  4. I have photos from Galleries LaFayette from last year. I was totally stunned at the size of the tree in the main area. I still haven’t seen something that big since. I was also impressed the quality of the lighting in the city too. In Toronto, they decided to go wtih some modern lighting inconsistently put throughout the main street. It is totally ugly compared to lights in the streets and along the street where les grand magasins are. I feel like I should cut out out all my entertaining so I can visit again. 🙂

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