An excellent question !


I Blog, Therefore I Am

I don’t know about René Descartes, but blogging has become so much part of my life, that no doubt, I could say I blog, therefore I am.
As I am pretty much a dilettante, I never thought I’d keep this up for such a long time. I also thought that I would get tired of taking photos, just as I have given up learning how to play the guitar and later on the recorder –the recorder got on everyone’s nerves– , and a lot more stuff I have even totally forgotten about.
But it turns out that even though I have been through “dry” stages, wondering if I had any more to say, blogging has become a pleasant routine.
After one year, I have given up feeding my photoblog one photo a day, but I did hold on for a full year. And a month ago, I started a French blog, quite different from this one, called Vieux, C’est Mieux !, which would translate as Older is Better, I guess.
My blog visiting has become much easier thanks to RSS. Now don’t ask me what RSS is exactly, because I haven’t got a clue. All I know is that it’s something that allows me to know what and when you publish something on your blog.
I am using Google Reader, with a notifier, and when someone on my blog route publishes, I get an alert. Somehow, I read more blogs in less time. Isn’t that great?
So thank you to all my blogging friends, those I have actually met, and those blogospheric ones, for a great blogging year.


6 thoughts on “An excellent question !

  1. I hear about RSS feed all the time, but never really knew what it was either Claude. How convenient! I should look into it. Thanks for a great year my dear blogging buddy…Happy New Year!

  2. And thank YOU, Claude for sharing both your photos and your words with us.
    And I’m really looking forward to actually meeting you in person in just a little over two months now when I’m in Paris.
    Happy New Year to you.

  3. 1. Google Reader is OK, but I find that “Bloglines” is better.

    2. Can you explain to us what “fnac” is please ? We ordered a book from them which is apparently on its way – “Venise” by Lizzie Napoli.

    Happy New Year if we don’t ‘see’ you before.

  4. Claude,

    Thanks for being an amazing blogging buddy.

    Since you will reach the New Year ahead of us over here let us know how 2007 is starting out….:)


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