Photo Hunt 38: New


Fluffy baby

It was hard finding something related to new, except for the New Year, but somehow, that didn’t appeal to me. This new baby duck, taken back in 2005 seemed to fit the bill better.

And a Happy New Year to all photo hunters and photo viewers!


14 thoughts on “Photo Hunt 38: New

  1. OMGoodness! This is just so astoudingly wonderful to see. Such a new way of showing “new” and I love it.

    Fresh…like looking into the future for a new, soft, exploring new year!!!

    You did good!!

    Mine’s posted.

  2. I love ducklings. You can’t go wrong with ducklings when you need something adorable and fluffy. I wish now I had taken photos of the ducklings that hatched at Whitelees one summer. Day old baby ducklings are just about as sweet as can be, and when you put all of them in a bowl, you’ve got a critical mass of cuteness.
    I hope you have fun bringing in the New Year Claude!

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