Travelling… to the end of the world?

That’s what I thought was the ultimate sort of travel when I was young. And I enjoyed travelling to exotic countries a lot. First, with my friend Liliane, from Egypt to Thailand, and from Mexico to Israel, and later with Roland, my husband who shared my love for travels. You can have a look at a map of the places I have been to here
Anyway, that is all very well, but I find that there are equally beautiful and exciting places an hour away from where I live.
I just took a three day trip to Lille, with my friend Liliane and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lille is exactly an hour away from Paris on the TGV, which gets you from the centre of Paris (Gare du Nord) to the centre of Lille.
This year, the city of Lille got together with the City of Mumbai, which in French is called Bombay and they whipped up together some cultural events. Most of them took place in the week between Christmas and the New Year, but the whole city looked festive and oriental, starting with the train station

Lille Station

Avenue Faidherbe boasted two lines of huge and good-looking elephants.

Lille, Avenue Faidherbe, by night

The event was called Bombaysers de Lille, Bombay is the French name of Mumbay, and baiser, in French means kiss. So it was something like “From Lille, with love”, with a pun on Bombay. Pretty difficult to explain if you don’t understand French.

The girls at the Syndicat d’Initative desk wore sweaters under their lovely saris

A sweater under the sari

and an imposing ape stood in the central yard of Hospice Comtesse, a former hospital transformed into a museum

Hospice Comtesse during Bombaysers de Lille

And finally, what we missed, that you can see thanks to YouTube

Stay tuned for more about Lille on Sunday…

And meanwhile, I’ll try to catch up with my blogreading…


7 thoughts on “Travelling… to the end of the world?

  1. Claude
    Thanks for a wonderful tour and I didn’t even have to pack a bag!

    When I saw the picture of the train station my first thought was, “What a jewel.” Gorgeous!!

    Can’t compare to South Station in Boston. (that’s an inside joke)

  2. I so agree….many times, the best things are right in our own back yards, so to speak. Sounds like you had a great time and what a nice thing for Lille to do.
    Your photos of the train station are spectacular! I agree with Millie…a far cry from South Station!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. We have an International Festival here every year, put on my our rather large community of people from other lands, with dancing and other performances. Ours is mroe sedate than yours…LOL

  4. What great pictures! Gee, I thought you’d be right out there in the middle of the You Tube pictured crowd. One thing is clear DJs are pretty much the same everywhere — only the attire, and music may change. Personally, I prefer the bands to the DJs in any country.

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