Happy Birthday, MotherPie!


Here are some roses for you, MotherPie


Happy birthday, MotherPie!

Please, remember to go and wish a happy birthday to MotherPie who just turned 50!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, MotherPie!

  1. Hi Claude,
    I use Google reader. But how can I recieve comments or post comments through it.
    inwestcliffe AT yahoo.com if you prefer to respond. I may forget to get back to this post if you have an answer. There in lies my problem.

  2. Claude, I’m just back in NYC, jetlagged and overwhelmed by all the “real” life that is piled up for me here.

    Your beautiful beautiful post made me cry (again). I guess turning 50 has made me more weepy than I expected.

    Thank you dear blog friend. 😉

    Your roses are a perfect uplifting thing for me ici. Merci, merci.

    (did you see my daughter’s Eiffel up today on my site? Another heartwarmer: she was able to study there as I did…).


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