I am a nose!


nose at Fontaine MédicisOr at least, it feels like my whole body has been reduced to a huge, painful nose. I caught a cold a couple of days ago, and it’s in full bloom today. Which means blowing the d… thing all the time, having a dry mouth and a totally fuddled brain, and being pretty much unable to focus on anything. I am not even sure what I was intending to blog about this morning, but it will certainly be for another day 😦
Just a silly thought about the expression Nursing a cold. I know that it means that I am treating it, but as you can also nurse the flowers in your garden, (dixit one of my dictionaries), it sounds like I am keeping my cold in good shape.
If you are wondering about the nose above, it’s one of the photos I took of a statue dipped in Fontaine Médicis, last spring.


14 thoughts on “I am a nose!

  1. Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather Claude.

    Uh-oh…there’s that “under the weather” thing again. That’s a bit like your “nusing a cold” comment isn’t it?

    Take care and keep that nose in operating order. 🙂

  2. You can try “Les gouttes aux essences” (you can get it in any french pharmacies)… that will help drying all that mucus et you will be able to breathe better. Also drink lemon juice, and a big quantity of wild thyme tea, it will help your liver to clean up all that. But maybe you’ve got better remedies 😉

  3. Claude, connais-tu La Méthode des deux chapeaux? Do you know the two-hats method? You get in bed, lie on your back, and put a hat on your two feet. Then you drink rum grogs until you see two hats. Go to sleep and when you wake up you will be all better. Ken

  4. I hope you feel better soon Claude. I have so many friends and family with colds right now. Take care of yourself…and get enough rest. One thing I’ll pass on…ZINC. I never get colds, but the rare time when I feel one coming on, I immediately suck on zinc lozengers. You can find them in drugstores anywhere. I’ve found that if you start taking them in the first 24 hours of a cold…they either keep the cold from happening OR keep the symptoms very minimal. The ones I usually use are called Cold Eze…and they come in several flavors. I swear by them.

  5. We’re in the same boat, Claude. I used the phrase “under the weather” in my post yesterday. My nose runs, drips, and dribbles. Hope we both feel better soon.

  6. You poor thing!!!!! My mother preferred the chicken soup, VicksVapoRub and Ginger ale cure but I find that Ibuprofen and Echinacea work fairly well for me. However, Ken’s Two Hats cure has a certain je ne ce quois. If it doesn’t work, who cares! lol

  7. Thanks everyone for all your remedies. Some of them pretty drastic, and others what we call in French remèdes de bonne femme. Anyone to give a good English translation for this term?

  8. I don’t think it’s in any medical book but I find that hot chicken soup makes me feel better and if you put in some noodles and a matzo ball, that’s even better.

    Another thing that makes me feel better is some hot tea with some red wine added,

    After the hot soup, have the hot tea with the red wine and call me in the morning, if you can!! 😉

  9. I hope your cold is gone soon! I adore the lovely modern tissues. With a cold these days, the tissues don’t feel like sandpaper after a few days of contant nose blowing. I remember going through the house as a teenager looking for something softer than the tissues we had to blow my raw nose.

    The only way to avoid a cold is to avoid people. We’re an awful infected bunch. I get coughed and sneezed on by the best in my job.

  10. You seem to have a picture for everything, Claude, even body parts. I do think that’s a picture of my nose, though. I’ve been battling what I think is a sinus infection since the holidays, but maybe it’s a cold which I never get.

    I wish I had known about all these treatments sooner as surely some would help. My daughter swears by the zinc; my son goes for the echinacea. I took aspirin regularly with a dab of vicks to keep the air passages open when I went to bed at night. I think I should have been using the hat treatment.

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