Wednesday Window


I like Saturday Scavenger Hunt a lot and I liked the idea of posting one photo a day at My Daily Snap… revisited (except that every day was too much for me), so I decided starting a weekly photo post here at Blogging in Paris.

So here goes my first Wednesday Window.

Lille façades
A row of colourful façades in Lille

Friend LeoL30 helped me find a name for it and design the icon. I wish I had his talents with potatochop, as he calls Photoshop, and his creativity!
I took this photo while in Lille last week and liked the various colours of the façades. If you click here to see the larger size, you’ll see two people who were trying to find a shortcut out as we were at the back of a church. I hadn’t seen them when I took the picture!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window

  1. I also like the man in the black hat there in the corner, representing all observers. Wednesday Window has nice alliteration to it, too. Looking forward to more!

  2. Great idea, Claude and love the new icon!
    Your photo is also great. Interesting melding of colors.
    Would make a great cross stitch piece. Reminds me a bit of Rainbow Row in Charleston, NC.

  3. I love this photo and immediately added it to my favorites.

    I’m fascinated by folks who live so close together in
    the world we are living in today. In another century
    maybe but today?

    At any rate it does not keep me from enjoying the perspective of this photo. Love the Wednesday feature so keep it up.

  4. I love these houses Claude….the colors are beautiful. Chicago has some neighborhoods with rows of houses like this…I’ve always loved looking at them. Great pic.

  5. We will be in Paris for two weeks Feb 11th …I love it … but last year on Feb 11,2006, I broke my arm on a fall in the Odeon Metro … so we are coming back to finish that trip.

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