Photo Hunt 40: Technology


Cup of tea and cluttered desktop
Tea and technology

Where I like to be, at my desk, in front in my computer, blogging or processing my photos, uploading them to flickr. My kind of technology.


14 thoughts on “Photo Hunt 40: Technology

  1. I like to be at my desk too, Claude, but lately I have become disgruntled with my office area; it is messy, needs painting and a redesign of the layout. The work all that entails is making me pause, but it really needs to be done. Trouble is, I would have to disconnect the computer and all the components. I am not sure I could get it all back together later, and I hate to do without it for the length of time it would take to redecorate. What to do? What to do?!

  2. Ahh, it’s wonderful seeing your desk. It looks so much like mine, I love it. Of course I have a coffee in the place of your tea but that’s a minor thing. Hmm, coffee, that reminds me …

  3. Me too Claude. This looks like a very cozy spot to spend a lot of your time. I feel that way about mine too. I love your screen saver…beautiful colors. Your place looks quite tidy and uncluttered. I have sticky notes, pics, stones and stuff…but they all have a place. I also have a big bulletin board with copies of a lot of posts from my first year as a blogger. Everything I need is right at my fingertips…probably just like you.

  4. How lovely. Although I don’t have my wallpaper covered with shortcuts like yours….it’s still an interesting photo!!! Truly.

    Mine’s posted. Won’t you drop by and say hello?

  5. My kind of photo–the ordinary made extraordinary!

    Isn’t Flckr wonderful for wallpaper photos? I save the best in favorites and
    change when the mood strikes.

    What I like in yours is the artistic arrangement of the icons–sort of following the branch patterns. Beats
    lining them up. LOL

    Maybe all of us retired English teachers prefer tea!

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