The Holiday


At the cinemaAfter two hours spent taking photos at Cimetière de Montmartre, I decided to go to the cinema. I had intended to see Stranger Than Fiction with Emma Thompson, and ended up with The Holiday. It turned out to be really OK, if a little sentimental and over optimistic. But I was in the mood for something like that anyway.
The story is quite banal, two girls, one lives in L.A. (Cameron Diaz) and the other one in a London suburb (Kate Winslett) swap their homes through the Internet. Both of them have lousy taste in men and are trying to recover from awful affairs.
Of course, as you may well imagine, all is well that ends well, each, on her side of the Atlantic, meeting Mr Right.
What I really loved, is a side story, that takes quite a bit of room in the movie. Kate Winslett meets this really charming old guy, as he walks by with his deambulator, Eli Wallach, a ninety-something Hollywood scriptwriter and they become friends and end up helping each other. Eli Wallach is just wonderful and his presence adds quite a lot to the movie. A romantic comedy that I am warmly recommending.


4 thoughts on “The Holiday

  1. I love Eli Wallach. He’s had such a successful and enduring career…he’s a great actor. I was very pleasantly surprised several weeks back to find him guesting on one of my favorite new shows…Studio 60. He was wonderful there too.

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