Photo Hunt 41: Wild


The building is a mural

I took this photo when I was in Amsterdam in May 2005. Graffitti are wild, and I thought this one had scope! Really wild, with a wild snake on it.


14 thoughts on “Photo Hunt 41: Wild

  1. Wow… in Finland the city people would be absolutely freaked by a painting like that – it’s too colourful for these gray surroundings! Great shot. Mine’s up too 🙂

  2. What a great shot. I thought the man in the photo at the bottom near the dragon’s mouth was actually sitting there on a bicycle. Didn’t realize he was part of the painting and the bike was just parked there. 😀

  3. If a prize was given for the wildest photo, “you take the cake”.

    If you ever get to South Beach in Florida you would see buildings that are VERY colorful but nothing like the one you took!


  4. I love “urban art”. We have a few murals on some formerly unsightly walls, depicting the history of our town. I have noticed some cities have started sponsoring these kinds of things, too.

  5. Now that is really cool Claude. I love those colors. I am always amazed when I see these kinds of art pieces all over the city…great and imaginative talent.

  6. Oh how I love old photos! This one is indeed a treasure!

    Saw in the paper today where it is not “in” to have
    family photos on walls etc. if you plan to sell you house. What is this world coming too? I’m glad I’m old!

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