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Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

It used to take me quite a long time getting to the end of my Google Reader list, but ever since I have started my French blog, it takes me even longer and sometimes, I feel like the little boy on the blaugh comic.

What is an RSS reader? A very complicated name to call software that warns you when a blogger on your list publishes something new.
I’m probably oversimplifying but better simple than impossible to understand.

Do you use an RSS reader? If you do, which one do you use


8 thoughts on “Blog reading

  1. I used “Bloglines” and yes, it takes a long time. Still, most posts can be read right within Bloglines itself (without having to go to the blog itself) which DOES save time. Commenting here for the first time, by the way. I first discovered you through your wonderful photographs on Flickr.

  2. I don’t use an RSS feed mainly because I was not aware of it. I just go to the blogs on my favorites list every day or so. I am sure the RSS feed is much quicker.

  3. I use Bloglines, and I have noticed recently that they are not always correct. They sometimes show an update for a post I have already read, or conversely, don’t show me it is new -when it is. It is frustrating!

  4. I used to read via Bloglines, but it wasn’t working properly so I switched to Google Reader.

    I installed a plugin that is supposed to NOT ping the RSS readers when I’ve edited a post, but it doesn’t seem to work! My site pings regardless!

    And I know what you mean when you say it takes a long time to get through the feeds. I think I should start culling my list.

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