Upgrade? or mess up?

I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.1, and it totally messed up my blogroll. So, I will have to change themes, as they claim my theme is too old-fashioned to function with the new WordPress. It may take a while as it has taken me two years and a half to make it look like that, whether one likes it or not.
So bear with me. No blogroll for a while, but some php blurb instead!
I found a fix, thanks to a helpful hint in the WordPress forums!
Back in business!
Warning! Do not upgrade if your theme is not, as they say in their jargon, 2.1 compliant, which is my case. Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue how to make it compliant. So there!

Friday! More things I noticed :

  1. WordPress 2.1 screwed up some of the code that was working perfectly before, that had been beautifully done by Meg at MandarinDesign, and changed the look of it.
    I asked friend Leo, my Photoshop expert, to design graphics, which I am going to put in place of the code. Many thanks to him for all the help and the tutoring!
  2. Also, WordPress 2.1 wiped off the surface of my blog the static pages where my “about” was and where the Saturday Photo Hunt blogroll was.
  3. Well, as I found, hidden among the posts, two of my static pages, that I used as trial pages, hidden away as ordinary posts, I suppose that going through the whole blog, I’ll eventually find the two missing pages, disguised as posts. Meanwhile, I have republished those two pages.

  4. AND to finish off, in spite of a new version of Akismet, I get loads more spam than before I changed!
  5. Well, there is more! I just realised that all my < div > tags were becoming < p> tags. Not sure what it does, except that it makes it very difficult to centre text and things like that. WordPress recommends a fix that I have tried , but it doesn’t seem to be working. Either I applied it wrong, or it isn’t working. Who knows?
  6. Added January 27th: I just realised that the p tag issue was the reason why a lot of the code I had copy/pasted from MandarinDesign isn’t working. Remind me next time I want to upgrade, to wait till the upgrade has been tested on OTHER people.

So I would suggest to wait until the bugs are ironed to upgrade. Once you have upgraded, there is no going back.


10 thoughts on “Upgrade? or mess up?

  1. Oh my…..sounds like a major nightmare. Wishing you all the best on this, Claude.
    I won’t be budging…I love my Squarespace provider.
    Wanted to email you and misplaced your email address…after taking my photo for tomorrow’s photo hunt, I’d HAD it with that silly date. Called Kodak and she told me how to delete it on my camera in seconds. So NO more dates on future photos…lol And thanks for mentioning that to me.
    Again…good luck with your blog.

  2. tempted to say, “older is better!” is that too ageist? recently made the mistake of saying yes to an upgrade on Explorer. out of commission till tech visited. thought i’d lost Favorites arrangement but was lucky.

    best wishes on fixes.

  3. I am completely confused by all the technical terms that you all seem to take for granted. I am not going to budge from my simple set-up. Even that took me forever to get to my satisfaction.
    “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” will be my motto.

  4. It’s too late for me — I upgraded and I thought it was seamless, but I just noticed my links page has an SQL problem!

    I have the same issue as you: I have customised my template to the point where I would have to upgrade to the new version of K2 (and they’re about to release a whole new version, not just small adjustments to the last), and I know I’m going to have to change EVERYTHING to get it to work.

    Well, I might as well start again. But it’s going to take me all weekend to get it modified the way I want!

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