Leo made me do it!

You are not going to believe this as I can hardly believe it myself! I got so envious, looking at Leo‘s great photos of tiny things he photographed in a soft light box that he built with his own hands, that I had to get my very own lightbox.

You may remember though, how hopeless I am with my hands. Last Sunday, I tried cutting out a ‘window’ in a shoebox and almost killed myself, or –don’t let’s exaggerate– almost sliced one of my fingers!
So on Monday, off I went to a photographer’s shop and got myself this little wonder.
It was folded, and I thought I’d never manage to unfold it, being afraid of breaking something, but here it is

Light Box

Then, I had to find lamps to cast their light on the lightbox and fish out of my mess a tripod that I had hardly ever never used. I can’t be bothered going out with two cameras AND a tripod. That is too much to ask.
After a few attempts, I managed to have the two lamps on either side, my camera on a tripod, and a matchbox in the lightbox, which in fact is a sort of tent, and took some photos of the matchbox and of more small size objects.


Here’s a closeup where you can see the matchbox on the LCD screen.


And finally, ta dam! the matchbox!

coffee parisien

I wrote an email address, which got half-erased, on the matchbox. That is what the blue stuff on the box is.

Another photo, which I rather like, is this one of pastel coloured candy. They are called flying saucers.


I have to say that Leo also taught me how to touch the background so that it looks whiter.

All in all, I am rather pleased with my new toy and my new skills!


18 thoughts on “Leo made me do it!

  1. WEll alright Claude….

    Way to go expanding those photographic talents. Now you can fill those otherwise useless rainy days with even more photographic adventures in the world of miniature. 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for showing me how this is done. I’m taking a photography workshop with my daughter this summer, so all the information I can get is greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I just read the food page in the NY Times magazine about a bistro, L’Ami Jean, in the 7th arrondissement that is supposedly all the rage. Have you been?

  3. And WELL you should be pleased! I’m VERY impressed! Still not quite sure how this all works…but I take it, by placing a small object inside the “tent” and with proper lighting, you’re able to get those photos?
    Amazing! So aren’t you just becoming the most savvy female photographer in Paris!
    I’m now going to check out Leo’s stuff. This is so cool! And your photos were really great, Claude.

  4. Thanks for the extremely useful info as I have to photo small things from time to time…what size light bulbs did you use? I’m off to check this out……..

  5. These photos are beautiful! I’m been a lover of minatures all my life.

    BTW haven’t seen matches like this for years. Businesses use to give them out all the time, since “no smoking” in Calif. a few years ago, just never seem them anymore.

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