My second flickrversary

I opened my flickr account on January 29th 2005, and now, two years later and some 14,500 photos later, I Ichose twelve photos of two things, animals or people, that I took over the past year.


My creation

A slideshow of the photographs here


8 thoughts on “My second flickrversary

  1. Happy Flickrversary Claude! You’ve given us a lot of beautiful pictures in these past two years…only looking forward to more. Thanks dear friend….

  2. I enjoyed looking through all your photographs. I decided to try to pick a favorite and came up with the one of the two water cans…I don’t know why, I just really enjoy looking at it!

  3. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. I have a fascination with people sitting on park benches and yours are wonderful. The stories that come to mind just by viewing them. Loved you light box pictures yesterday as well! I look forward to viewing many more.

  4. These were all stunning. Really beautiful. But my favorite is the couple on the lower right on the park bench….has a mysterious quality to it. Great shots!

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