Drinking and blogging

Don't Drink and Blog

Has this ever happened to you? I haven’t spilt any liquid on my keyboard yet, but I have had to change keyboards because I always eat around the computer and there are bread crumbs, and stains and no matter how I clean them up, the keys get dirty and some stop responding!
Not on the laptop, though. I am more careful with my MacBookPro, because changing the keyboard would be possible, I guess but quite expensive.


10 thoughts on “Drinking and blogging

  1. Ive never done it on the computer, but I spilled coffee all over the keyboard to an old word processor, and after drying out, it worked fine.

    Claude, thanks for the visit. I didn’t know it had to be ordinary soap. The one I am using now is a lemongrass scented small, flattish bar from our hotel in Florence. Maybe that’s why I had cramps again this morning! I’ll change the soap tonight.

  2. The Man of the Place spilled almost an entire glass of chablis on this keyboard. The comma, period and question mark still stick a bit but we did’t replace the keyboard.

    Naturally, he’s the one that was always lecturing me about not having food at the computer. I almost did myself an injury biting my tongue.

  3. I once spilled a full glass of port on a brand-new MS “natural” keyboard. Oy, the mess.

    I moused around the web until I found some instructions for opening and cleaning keyboards. Did it. Washed it. Let it dry for two days. Put it back together and……

    Nothin’ That keyboard never worked again.

    But that didn’t change my eating and drinking habits near the keyboard. However, since I use a laptop now, I’ll take your point on that.

  4. All this reminds me of the time I sprayed the phone with Windex. The phone went dead. I called Radio Shack and they told me that I needed a new phone.

    A few days later I checked my phone and it was working. Whatever liquid got in there must have dryed up and the phone was fine.

    I never sprayed the phone again. I learned from that experience, you just spray the cloth and then wipe the phone with it.

    Same goes for microwave ovens.

  5. I spilled a glass of sticky, sweet grape juice on my keyboard once. A friend of mine told me I could run the keyboard through the dishwasher, and if I let it dry out really thoroughly, it would be fine. Well, I did it and that keyboard never worked again. Had to buy a new one.

  6. So far, haven’t had a spill problem ’cause I keep any beverage to one side off the top of the desk, but have spilled on the carpet, so your accounts remind me I need to take special care.

  7. Never spilled my drink as I take great care not to drink around any of my machines. And my keyboard is sort of one-of-a-kind, you can’t buy it anylonger.

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