Wednesday Window: a window with a flare


Restaurant in Beuvron
Half way between Wednesday Window and Diving into the Past

I took this photo a long time ago in Beuvron, Normandy. It’s a very good memory.

This shot is special to me. I took it in February of 2005. It was during the first real vacation I took after breast cancer and radiation therapy. I was starting to feel better and had lunch in this lovely restaurant with my oldest and best friend –our friendship dates back to highschool– with a brand new camera.
Later on we walked through the country and I felt real good.
A small island of pleasure.

I just found out that today was Maria‘s birthday. Please, don’t forget to go and wish her a happy 71st birthday.

pink rose
A rose for Maria

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: a window with a flare

  1. It is a beautiful photo and I can understand the joy of that first vacation after surviving breast cancer. I am thankful every day that mine was found early and that I am so healthy. Today is my 71st birthday. Your photo is a good reminder of how lucky I am to still be here.

  2. Little pleasures are so heightened when we have a different perspective on how to enjoy them. The window, then, in this sense actually takes on a deeper and more incisive meaning for your lunch. Whereas doors are places INTO someplace, windows are for LOOKING OUT.

    Breast cancer, or any serious event or illness can cause us to search deep within ourselve to understand and take in the changes and circumstances. The sharp shift from inward to outward focus is so heightened when you move so intensly from one perspective to another.

    You know this, from behind the lense.

  3. I’ve already been to Maria’s. Doesn’t she look great in that pic? Your rose is fabulous….just perfect for her birthday.

    Both of your pictures are wonderful…and so are you Claude.

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