Happy Birthday, Steve Garfield!

Fresh fruit pie
Happy birthday, Steve Garfield !

It’s Steve’s birthday today, don’t forget to go and wish him a happy birthday and many happy returns.
Next time you are in Paris, I’ll let you have a piece of this great cake!

Here’s a quick attempt at vlogging 😉


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Steve Garfield!

  1. I’m coming over as soon as I can!! That’s my favorite kind of cake!!

    What a charming video – I saw it and loved it!! You are as sweet as I expect that cake is.

    You miss my blogging and I miss it too. I hope to make a post tomorrow before I get going on my three days of
    fun and frolic.

    Oh, I have been meaning to tell you that I love the two new photo’s you have added to your banner, That latest one looks just like you!! 😀

  2. where to begin? claude in person on her vlog, an update from millie garfield, and the cake! oh yes, thanks to millie for pointing out the aditions to your banner. you are the poster woman for my wish that all of us elderbloggers become more visible in the public space. this is public, no? thanks, naomi

  3. M-m-m-m-m good! Your vlogging came through fine for me ’til just at the end and I had to manually move from your picture to the final “Happy Birthday” print. But about that birthday cake — I can practically taste it.

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