Photo Hunt : Antique

One of my oldest family photos

Not sure if it qualifies as an antique, as it’s only about ninety years old. My father is the child half lying half sitting in the left-hand side corner. The scene takes place in Bulgaria, probably just before WWI. I have no idea what the story around this photo is. But I like it.


18 thoughts on “Photo Hunt : Antique

  1. I think anything that show’s one’s grandparents as children in sepiatone counts as antique, for sure. I think we all should have photos taken of ourselves and our families relaxing in a field or on a riverbank so our grandchildren have antiques, too. As “Kenju” said about your mother and aunt’s photo — “A river is the best background for any photo”.

  2. A magnifiscent treasure! I wonder if your family knew the photo would be around 90 years later. Maybe, but I am sure the idea that the world would be seeing it via the computer and blogging would all be in the realm of science fiction.

  3. high school student was just here interviewing us. told her about Elderblogging. knew the content of your family photos would particularly interest her–and here is another.

    we could make up a story. the men have been fishing, are very proud of their catch for the picnic they have all just finished (reason we cannot see the fish). is that a wine carafe at the front? you take it from there, claude.

  4. On your vieux blog I enjoyed your post. I am pretty fluent reading but not writing or speaking French. Since I moved to NYC the foot problems have increased. I think it is that my feet only walk on concrete everywhere. The podiatrist is becoming a good friend.

    On your photo…don’t you wish you had the story? Naomi writes to make up a story… but I treasure the photos from one grandmother where she kept a scrapbook with captions. My other grandmother walked me through the few photos she has.

    Sure miss your Daily Snap but enjoy your photos on Flickr, too.

  5. What a wonderful family photo! I see faces that have some resemblance to your photos at the top of your blog 🙂
    Your photo could be the inspiration for a number of stories even a novel 🙂

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