Blurry baby

A visit to Poissy, some twenty-five kilometres west of Paris, which I pass every time I go to Normandy, but where I had never stopped set me remembering.
Poissy has a beautiful church, la Collégiale, and also quite a large and interesting Toy Museum, where I saw this blurry baby. I wish I had been more patient when taking this photo as it would probably be crisper.

I had two of these celluloid dolls and at the museum learnt that they had stopped making them because they were highly flammable. One of my dolls had a broken nose and was my favourite. I read them stories and liked them much better than a fancy doll I was offered at one point.
They were such good listeners!
My grandmother had knitted this baby a red and white outfit, including a little hat and I really cherished that doll. When my daughter was born, I knitted her red and white clothes just like that little doll’s.

More of my Poissy photos here


6 thoughts on “Blurry baby

  1. Oh, what a sweet baby doll. I had one very similar and wished I’d kept it for my daughter.
    That village is so picturesque. Just lovely. And the church was magnificient. Beautiful photos and I enjoyed them.

  2. seems unblurry to me. remember finally getting a sears-roebuck doll when about 7 years old. cannot recall what came before or after. one of the knit teddy bear books i’ve worked from suggested making one for our grown-up self!

  3. The photos of the dolls looked “french” to me. They looked dainty and feminine.
    As I remember my american doll, she was robust and had long blonde curls.
    That toy museum looks like a lot of fun and would bring back lots of memories.

  4. ça me fait plaisir que ça t’ait fait plaisir de découvrir Poissy et son beau beau musée; j’y retourne en mars et reverrai le musée plus dans le détail 🙄

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